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Fitted kitchens

Have fun!

creative kitchensin Echternach

Get inspired and choose the kitchen that fits your life perfectly. Discover wonderful cuisines that are guaranteed to make you swoon. Which style do you love? Modern, Urban, Family, Luxury, Nordic or Country? Experience fantastic cuisines now on an exciting journey - Ideas included.



Atcreative kitchens in Echternach

Axel Hütz has more than 30 years of experience as an interior design specialist.

Since 2007 in Irrel and 2013 in Echternach,

We can implement our own ideas and reward our customers and ourselves with unusual and perfect results.

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Custom made

Sometimes the little ones do it

Thingsthe difference. our servicesaround custom-made products, transform your room and give it a new atmosphere.

Whatever your desires may be,we make sure that you feel comfortable in your Feel comfortable in living spaces.

Contact us and let's get started.



With our variety of different design lines, materials and colorsand accessories from HÄCKER kitchens,With our own fitters and collaboration with local craftsmen, we design, coordinate and assemble kitchens according to your personal preferences and individual wishes.



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